July 5:
Ph.D. Student Maria Sokolikova demonstrated how to make Graphene with International High School Students as part of the  2018 Imperial Global Summer Shool. Great Job Maria!

July 5: Ph.D. Student Pawel Palczynski presented the two-dimensional materials groups work on behalf of Dr Mattevi as an invited speaker for 2D Materials Students Conference.

July 4-5: Ph.D. Student Mauro Och presented his poster on the growth and characterisation of 2D materials at UK Semiconductors 2018.

July 2-5: Ph.D. student Apostolos Panagiotopoulos presented his work on 3D printing transition metal dichalcogenides at Nanotexnology 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece!

April 5: Congratulations to Dr Peter Sherrell for winning the MRS Spring 2018 Science as Art Competition!

April 2-6: Ph.D. Student Maria Sokolikova and Dr Peter Sherrell presented their work at MRS Spring 2018 in Phoenix, AZ.

Peter presenting his work at MRS Spring 2018Maria presenting her work at MRS Spring 2018









March 11: Our paper on the Strong Anisotropic Spin-Orbit Interaction Induced in Graphene by Monolayer WS2 in collaboration with Bouchiat group is published in Physical Review Letters

Abstract for our PRL Paper









March 6: We welcome a new Ph.D. student - Mr Mauro Och to the Mattevi Group. Welcome Mauro!

February 21:  Congratulations to Dr Chiara Grotta for a successful Viva for her Ph.D. work! Great Job Chiara!





November 2:  Congratulations to Dr Francesco Reale for a successful Viva for his Ph.D. work! Great Job Francesco!

Francesco with Examiner Prof. Norbert Klein, and Supervisor Dr. Cecilia MatteviCongratulations Francesco!






November 2:  Our research on "High-Mobility and High-Optical Quality Atomically Thin WS2" is published online in Scientific Reports!

PhD studentship open in our group on the synthesis of 2D semiconducting materials (find out more: here and here)

PhD studentship in our group on "Solar cells based on two-dimensional monolayer materials beyond graphene” at the CDT in Advanced Characterization of Materials (find out more: here)

September 8: Congratulations to Peter Sherrell for winning the 'Best Scientific Image' competition at the Imperial College London, Department of Materials, Postdoc Symposium

August 22-26th: Ph.D. student Chiara Grotta is presenting her work entitled "Three Dimensional Printing of TMDs Nanosheets for Energy Storage Devices" and Maria Sokolikova and Peter Sherrell are presenting posters entitled "Bottom-up room-temperature synthesis of Bi2Te3 nanosheets" and "Energy storage and conversion devices from 3D printed TiS2 nanosheets" respectively at chem2Dmat in Strasbourg, France.

July 13: Ph.D. Student Pawel Palczynski is presenting his work on the electrical and optical properties of WS2 at TMD-UK 17 in UK Semiconductors 17 in Sheffield

July 9 - 13: Ph.D. Students Chiara Grotta and Maria Sokolikova are presenting their work on  3D Printing of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide inks and Bi2Te3 at the 13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry in Liverpool.

Chiara's presenting







June 27: Our research on "Room-Temperature Growth of Colloidal Bi2Te3 Nanosheets" is published online in Chemical Communications!

Bi2Te3 RT Growth











June 23 : Our research on "MoS2/WS2 heterojunction for photoelectrochemical water oxidation" is published online in ACS Catalysis!

MoS2/WS2 Heterostructures








March 20: Congratulations to Ms Maria Sokolikova for winning the best scientific content poster at the 2017 Imperial College London Post-Graduate day! Congratulations Maria!

Maria recieving her poster prize







MarchThe joint paper with Russo lab (Exeter University) is now published in Advanced Materials: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/adma.201605598/full

March: Welcome to Ms Annemieke Janssen a final year project student in our group from the MSc Advanced Materials program

PhD studentships available!

Apply for our PhD project "Solar cells based on two-dimensional monolayer materials beyond graphene" at the CDT in Advanced Characterisation of Materials.




December: Farah has successfully completed and passed her PhD viva with her thesis: "Development of graphene oxide hollow fiber membranes for solution based applications", Congratulations!

December 7: Cecilia gives a seminar in the School of Engineering at University of Liverpool

November 30: Cecilia gives a seminar in the School of Chemistry at Nottingham University

November: We welcome in our group Charles Mauc, final year project student and Erasmus student from the University of Grenoble!

November: We welcome in our group Julian Buchinger and Wen Hao, final year project students (MEng)!

September 8: Cecilia gives a seminar at NEST, College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter

July 19: Cecilia gives a seminar at ASRC, at City College of New York, CUNY.

July 13: Cecilia is giving an invited seminar at the Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd (CNT) meeting, Girton College, Cambridge

July 6-8: Kanudha is presenting a talk entitled "Electrochemical Nature of Ionic Liquid Gated Bi2Te3 Transistors" (Friday 8th July) and Jacopo is presenting a Poster at Flatlands 2016 in Slovenia!

June 17: Pawel Palczynski has been awarded a poster prize sponsored by Renishaw for research in Raman Spectroscopy for his poster 'Photoluminescence and Raman studies of CVD grown WS2 flakes using different precursors' at the Graphene Week 2016. Congratulations!

June 16: See Ph.D. student Pawel Palczynski talk about his Ph.D. project during Graphene Week 2016 on Youtube!

Pawel presenting a poster







June 13-17: Our group presentations at Graphene Week 2016: Chiara and Francesco present their work of “3D printing of MoS2 with three blocks copolymer” (Thursday 16th June, Session 1) and “Water-assisted synthesis of large-area WS2 monolayers” (Wednesday 16th June, Session 2); Maria and Pawel present posters of their work "Photoanodes for photoelectrochemical cells based on exfoliated MoS2 and WS2 flakes" (3352649) and "Photoluminescence and Raman studies of CVD grown WS2flakes using different precursors" (3352930) respectively.

June 6: Welcome to Mr Jean Vergnet, Mr Zejun Zheng, Ms Weijie Wu, and Ms Mengnan Cao,  final year students from MSc Advanced Materials program.

May 16: Welcome to Mr Rayan San Juan, Internship student from the Univeristy of Grenbole.

May 7: Welcome to Mr Kevin Legrand, final year masters student from the MRes Nanomaterials program.

May 2-6: Peter and Francesco give talks at eMRS in Lille France (Symposium Y and Symposium Z respectively), Chiara is presenting a poster on her work!

April 6: Our review article "From bulk crystals to atomically thin layers of group VI-transition metal dichalcogenides vapour phase synthesis" has been featured in Materials Today!

March 21: Cecilia gives a talk entitled “Mesoscale design of multifunctional 3D graphene networks” at the biannual Royal Society Research Fellows' Conference.

March 20: Francesco and Chiara present their work of “Water-assisted synthesis of large-area WS2 monolayers for Optoelectronics” and “3D structuring of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides” at the Postgraduate Research Day in the Department of Materials.

March 14: Cecilia gives an invited talk on “Multifunctional 2D atomic layers“ at the UK-Canada Frontiers of Science meeting

February 24: Cecilia gives an invited talk entitled “Energy materials towards 2D devices” at the JST UK-Japan Workshop on Advanced Materials at the University of York.

February 15: Our research on "Direct Ink Writing of micrometric SiOC ceramic structures using a preceramic polymer" is published online in Journal of the European Ceramic Society!

January 30: Our research in collaboration with Prof. Saiz and Prof. Kinloch - "In situ thermally reduced graphene oxide/epoxy composites: thermal and mechanical properties" is published online in Applied Nanoscience today!

January 21: Our review article on "From bulk crystals to atomically thin layers of group VI-transition metal dichalcogenides vapour phase synthesis" is published online in Applied Materials Today!

January 19: Our review article on "Mesoscale design of multifunctional 3D graphene networks" is published online in Materials Today!