Available Postdoc and PhD Positions in the CPE

Research Associate (Characterisation of Nanoplastics in Environmental Conditions)

Duties and responsibilities

The applicant will be expected to apply and develop advanced multi-scale characterization techniques including transmission X-ray microscopy at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light-source (USA) and in situ environmental scanning electron microscopy techniques, analytical and cryo-transmission electron microscopy techniques, and Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy to monitor dynamic changes to nanoparticle morphology and chemistry within relevant aqueous environments including algae and bacteria.

The applicant will also fabricate the macroplastics under the supervision of Dr Georgiou. More details about the position and details of how to apply via: www.imperial.ac.uk/jobs/description/ENG00698/research-associate-characterisation-nanoplastics-environmental-conditions 

Further information can be obtained from Dr Theoni Georgiou, t.georgiou@imperial.ac.uk.