Research projects

BESTER Project (2018-2021)

Researchers: Dr Onesmus Mwabonje | Dr Lorenzo di Lucia
Principle Investigator: Dr Jeremy Woods

An EcoBioTech/BBSRC sponsored project on developing of new bioprocesses for the production of butyl esters for the bio-based chemicals market.

Sustainable Polymers (2015-2020)

Funding: EPSRC
Researcher: Dr Dongda Zhang
Principle Investigator: Professor Nilay Shah

Synthesise sustainable polymers from different types of biomass wastes, and design an environmentally friendly manufacturing route for the industrial scale production of biopolymers.

Research projects continued

BIOSKOR (2015-2020)

Funding: European Commission 7th Framework Programme
Researcher: Dr Lorenzo di Lucia
Principle Investigator: Dr Raphael Slade

BIOSKOH is a flagship research project to demonstrate a first of its kind commercial-scale second generation biorefinery. A sustainable, circular bioeconomy project, BIOSKOH will transform a brownfield industrial site in eastern Slovakia into a 55 kton cellulosic ethanol production facility.

It is anticipated that this project will eventually pave the way for the largest second generation biorefinery in Europe (110 kton).

Visit the BIOSKOR website

COMETHA (2014-2019)

Funding: European Commission 7th Framework Programme
Researcher: Dr Eva Sevigne-Itoiz
Principle Investigator: Dr Ausilio Bauen

Pre-commercial industrial scale demonstration plant on lignocellulosic ethanol.

Visit the COMETHA website

Research projects continued


Funding: Climate-KIC
Researcher: Dr Onesmus Mwabonje
Principle Investigator: Dr Jeremy Woods

Adaptation and Mitigation through Bio-Succinate Innovation (ADMIT Bio-SuccInnovate).

Visit the Bio-SuccInnovate website

EUROCHAR (2011-2014)

Funding: European Commission 7th Framework Programme
Researcher(s): Dr Mireille Rack
Principle Investigator: Dr Jeremy Woods

Assessing the potential environmental impacts of European biochar systems – biochar production for land application as a potential Carbon Dioxide Removal option.

Visit the EUROCHAR website