These specific actions aimed at addresssing the number and position of female employees will help to address the Gender Pay Gap. 

Recruitment and Progression

  • the requirement for all recruiting managers to be trained in fair recruitment and selection good practice
  • implementing the ‘know your pool’ policy – both internally and externally – to identify appropriately qualified women and encourage their application for roles at all levels 
  • use of the Hay job evaluation system for promotion for a significant number of roles and using anonymised paperwork
  • ensuring that search agencies are briefed on the College’s requirement for them to identify the widest range of possible candidates
  • detailed monitoring and analysis of data at all the key stages of employment to identify if, and what barriers, are in place that may be disadvantaging women.

Learning & Development

  • providing personalised development to ensure that we have a pipeline of qualified and skilled women who can be promoted or be successful when applying for more senior roles
  • leadership and management development programmes that stress the manager’s responsibility for equality, diversity and inclusion at all stages e.g. access to training and opportunities, recommendations for promotion, in conducting Personal Review and Development Plan meetings
  • providing personal career planning advice and mock interviews to aid progression
  • College-wide provision of Unconscious Bias training for decision-makers including those who make decisions on promotion
  • positive action development provision provided regularly and for staff at all levels e.g. women-only courses, men-only courses, IMPACT for staff from ethnic minoritiesCalibre for disabled staff – all designed to increase skills and opportunities

College commitment

Family Friendly

  • Elsie Widdowson Fellowships for academics returning from either maternity, adoption/surrogacy or shared parental leave so that they can concentrate on their research and their career breaks do not hold back their professional progression.
  • The College recognises the demands of family life and is committed to supporting members of staff to obtain a good work life balance by enhancing family friendly pay for maternity, shared parental, adoption, surrogacy and paternity/maternity support leave.