The Hamlyn Centre provides comprehensive research and teaching facilities to deliver high-quality research and clinical applications of imaging, sensing and robotics. It has dedicated research laboratories housed at the engineering campus of Imperial College; large pre-clinical facilities for in-vivo validation; and comprehensive clinical spaces at the Surgical Innovation Centre of Imperial’s St Mary’s Hospital Campus.

The Centre’s research themes are focussed on the following inter-connected areas:

  • Medical Robotics – covering neuro-, cardiothoracic-, endovascular-, gastrointestinal-, orthopaedic-, urological- and ENT surgeries, as well as micro-nano robots for targeted drug delivery and therapy. Our research also focuses on the development of novel human-robot interface techniques under the general direction of perceptual docking.
  • Pervasive Sensing – engineering developments and clinical applications of wearable and implantable sensors for Body Sensor Networks (see Professor Yang's text on Body Sensor Networks via Springer), as well as underpinning technologies in ultra-low power ASIC design, autonomic sensor networks and light-weight communication protocols.
  • Biomedical Imaging and Photonics - developing new techniques for medical imaging (particularly in magnetic resonance imaging) for transforming them from a primarily diagnostic modality towards an interventional and therapeutic platform, facilitated by advances in minimal access and robotic-assisted surgery.

The Hamlyn Centre has three key research focus areas