Schistosomiasis is a parasitic disease that blights the lives of millions. It starves sufferers of nutrients – leaving children too weak to learn, parents too exhausted to work and whole families trapped in poverty. For just 50p per child, per year, we can provide life-changing medical treatment. Please give now to support our work. 

Schistosomiasis is one of several parasitic diseases born of poverty. It is commonplace in countries where there is no proper sanitation and little access to clean water. The parasites — a kind of flatworm — enter the body through contaminated water. Once inside, they feed on the nutrients in their host’s blood, slowly starving them of energy and good health.

Schistosomiasis traps millions in poverty and ill-health

Schistosomiasis causes ongoing ill-health, pain and severe fatigue. It leaves parents too weak to work, and children too weak to play and learn. Left untreated, schistosomiasis causes stunted growth, reproductive problems in women and severe organ damage. Because it is spread by shared water supplies, schistosomiasis can affect whole communities, miring them in poverty and ill-health.

Imperial’s Schistosomiasis Control Initiative is bringing life-changing treatment to millions

Our fight against schistosomiasis began in 2003. Back then, our work was limited to six countries in Africa. We showed for the first time that it was possible to combat schistosomiasis safely and effectively through a mass-treatment programme. Our approach reduced infection rates from 50% to 15% – and for just 50p per child, per year. Twelve years on, and we are bringing life-changing treatment to millions more across Africa. We treat tens of millions every year, and in some countries we are now working towards elimination of schistosomiasis, something that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago.

Treatment is safe, simple and costs just 50p per child, per year

By making use of donated drugs and targeting the most at-risk communities, we are able to provide bring life-changing treatment for around 50p per child, per year.

Your support will help us to bring treatment to millions more

The World Health Organization estimates that around 250 million people need treatment for schistosomiasis every year – yet fewer than 15% get the treatment they need. We’ve made great strides in tackling this terrible disease, but there is much more to do if we are to realise our vision of a world free from schistosomiasis.

Your support helps us to bring the fight against schistosomiasis to even more communities in Africa. A gift of £20 will help us to treat 40 children. We guarantee that 100% of your donation goes directly to fund treatment programmes. Please give now to support the fight against schistosomiasis.

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