Provide real world issues for our researchers and students  to investigate

We are continually seeking internship and project opportunities to embed our students in external organisations, evaluating real world ecosystem and environment challenges.

Influence our research agenda towards impactful results

Join our "GCEE partners" programme, a subscription based club to bring together thought leaders across industry and academia. GCEE partners provides early access to research findings together with an annual events programme to disseminate findings, debate key issues and shape the grand challenge.

Sponsor collaborative research programmes, applying our academic intellect to your industrial challenges

Our Corporate Partnerships team will work with you to understand your needs, find researchers with relevant expertise and design the most effective collaboration model.

Fund the talent of the future

Contribute to our MSc and PhD scholarship fund to enable us to reach out to a wider community of the world's brightest students.


If you are interested in supporting us please contact us.