Key elements: Research + equipment + MSc student engagement

In 2014, KPMG announced an initial £10.4m investment in a new research centre led by the Business School as part of the College's Data Science Institute. Corporate Partnerships helped to develop the KPMG Centre for Advanced Business Analytics engaging Business School researchers to focus on five key areas - analysis of business capital, growth opportunities, people, operations and resilience.  Each area has been selected to help UK businesses gain a competitive edge by launching products and services

The KPMG Centre is working towards developing innovative approaches, analytical methods and tools for using big data, giving UK businesses the opportunity to solve complex issues, such as enabling banks to predict fraud or helping retailers better understand consumer behaviour. Through the launch of the MSc Business Analytics in 2015 the Centre also engages with students to solve company issues using real data sets.

In Nov 2015 the partnership lead to the creation of the KPMG Data Observatory, a new data visualisation studio and decision making space housed within the Data Science Institute. Designed, built by, and housed within the Data Science Institute, it is the largest of its kind in Europe.