Key elements:  Facilities and equipment + sponsored Chair + undergraduate training

Tomorrow’s technology for today’s students

Cutting-edge technology gives our core businesses in power and automation a distinct advantage over our competition. A central task of ABB’s R&D team is to transform university research into industry-ready technology platforms"

Dr. Markus Bayegan


In 2012, following investment from ABB and a long term maintenance commitment, the Department of Chemical Engineering opened a £2million carbon capture pilot plant, believed to be one of the most sophisticated facilities of its kind in the world.

The pilot plant gives undergraduates the chance to learn key operational skills. As a result, students graduate from Imperial with an unrivalled expertise, making them more employable in an increasingly competitive sector. For ABB, this is an investment which ensures that the company will have ready access to a stream of suitably qualified engineers, who are well aware of the benefits of a career in control and instrumentation engineering when they graduate.

In addition, ABB has access to the plant and control room for its own use and uses the facility for customer demonstrations and training, staff learning, and hands on experience for its apprentices and graduate engineers, as well as for product testing.

ABB pilot plant









Above, the ABB control room in the Department of Chemical Engineering

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