The Centre for Structural Biology now manages the Bioreactor suite that was set up in 2004 by David Leak and James Mansfield. The suite contains bioreactors and accessory equipment, all of which can be booked by contacting the facility engineer, James Mansfield.  We work at containment level 1 only.

The Bioreactor suite is brilliant for expression of difficult proteins.


  • A 50 litre fermentor
  • Two 15 litre fermentors
  • Three 5 litre fermentors
  • Three 1.5 litre fermentors
  • A continuous-flow centrifuge
  • A regular large-volume centrifuge (safety note)
  • A cell disruptor (safety note)
  • A small shaking incubator (safety note)

Safety information

All work with genetically modified microorganisms requires institutional approval.  For more information, consult the pages on working with genetically modified organisms, transport of biological agents and waste disposal.  In particular, read the section on forms and procedures.

Safety information specific to the Bioreactor suite:


Internal users can access a list of charges imposed to cover the cost of running of the facility.