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Praise for the Library's NHS staff support services

I attended a number of the sessions designed for supporting NHS staff and they have been invaluable. It opened up an academic resource that had previously terrified me, as I had not formerly studied or researched since my last degree.

Librarians and their resources are essential for AHP and others using this on site service. There is a constant need for guideline/practice support searching the literature. Librarians are a font of searching skills knowledge and this is essential as my attendance to the library is sadly so infrequent. It is an important hub and place to work on developing/updating guidelines. It is a tranquil place to work too, away from the constant interruptions of open planned working spaces.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for purchasing a book I requested - fabulous service!
St Mary's campus staff

Great green desks

I just wanted to say that I think the green felt three armed desk things on the 5th floor are great. It's a good mix of privacy without being downright depressing (thanks to the green colour, texture and shape). Thanks for getting them.
Research Postgraduate, Department of Chemistry

Reading lists

In 2017 we introduced a new reading list management system.
Whoop — thanks everyone, it’s one of the most beautiful reading lists I’ve seen in a long while! ;-) (Associate Professor, Business School)

Thank you!

Thank you for good news on the book! Really appreciate your help and that of everyone in the library, you guys are the best! (PhD Researcher, Department of Materials)

Praise for the Kanopy video streaming service

This is brilliant! Thank you for making Kanopy available to Imperial students.

Please fix the doors to the Central Library

During the 2016 Autumn term we had a number of comments about the doors to the Central Library. During cold spells, the automatic doors are on a "winter setting". This is one of the measures used to try and maintain a comfortable environment within the building. This term there were additional issues with a faulty door which have now been resolved. Please take care when entering and leaving the building, and report any issues to our attendants.

Online RefWorks tutorial

In 2015, following feedback from users, Library Services ran our Medicine Refworks training as an online tutorial. Thank you for the following positive feedback!

It was a very thorough and clearly led tutorial!

The best part was actually being able to watch someone do it on the screen in front of you, which was far more useful than simply reading the tutorial.

It was all super useful!

Happy customers

Just to also say that the staff in the Central Library yesterday were superbly helpful and generous with their time. 

I would like to express how thankful I am for the quick response to my application. Bravo IC Library! You guys are the best. Thank you so much for all your help throughout these years.

Thank you for these lovely comments, it's good to know that we've been able to help.

Excellent feedback for St Mary's Fleming Library

This is one the finest libraries I have ever visited. There is every resource available and the staff are extremely professional and helpful. Very many thanks.

I have been using the St Mary's campus library in the medical school and it is brilliant. The staff are all helpful and the library itself is pleasant. Thank you!

All lovely and helpful always. Thank you to be here for us all.

Thank you for your kind feedback about the refurbished St Mary's Fleming Library and staff.

It's cold at Charing Cross

Absolutely freezing in Charing Cross computer room. Could we turn down the air con please? (Undergraduate, Faculty of Medicine)

During library opening hours staff can adjust the temperature - just ask at the desk for help.

AIAA Papers

That is great news! Access to the Aerodynamic Decelerator Conf papers will make research so much easier. Thanks! (Research Associate, Department of Aeronautics)

Thank you for this feedback regarding our new purchase of AIAA papers. We're so glad that this new resource will be of direct impact to your research.