Working on-site on an Imperial computer

If you are using a computer connected to the Imperial College London network and have logged in with your College username and password, you will be able to access most e-journals, e-books and databases directly and will not need to sign in again.

For full access you must be a member of Imperial and have a current computer account (College username and password).

For information about visitor access see Membership and borrowing.

Working off-site

Library Search (for proxy access) is the recommended way to access resources off-site.

Remote access methods

Library Search

Use your College username and password for off-site access to online resources through Library Search.

Search for the resource, then click on the full text link in the View It tab.

Screen image showing full text link

You will be prompted to log in with your College username and password.

After logging in you will have access as if you are connected to the College network.

Screen image after logging in


With Bookmarklet you can log in with your College username and password directly though the journal website.

If Library Services subscribe to the journal and it has been confgured for the EZProxy access method Imperial users have access.

Find out more about creating a Bookmarklet

Institutional Login (Shibboleth / UK Access Management Federation)

If you are locating papers via a search engine such as Google you can use your College username and password to access online resources direct from publisher’s website using Institutional Login, if the publisher supports this type of authentication.

You may see the term 'Shibboleth’ which refers to the technology behind 'Institutional Login'.

If you see Institutional Login or Login via an Institution enter Imperial College London in the search box.

Screen image showing Institutional login

Some publishers will ask you to choose ‘Your institution’s region or group’. Imperial is part of the UK Access Management Federation - choose UK Access Management Federation and then Imperial College London.

Screen image showing UK Access Management Federation

Log in with your College username and password.

The service will recognise that you are from Imperial and you will be able to access all subscribed resources from the publisher’s website.

Screen image showing Imperial logo

Virtual Private Network (VPN) (not recommended)

Connect to the College Virtual private network (VPN) to allow you to access e-journals, e-books and databases as if you were on-site.

If you are using Mac OS version 10.12 (Sierra) or later, there is an issue with connecting to the VPN, see ICT's information for Mac users. We recommend that Sierra users access online resources using one of the alternative methods above.

Online resources for Alumni

A growing number of online resources are available for remote access by alumni. Their use is strictly for non-commercial purposes and you must adhere to licence restrictions.

Online resources for alumni

Resources with username and password access only

Access to some online resources requires a specific username and password regardless of whether you are working on or off-site.

You can find the password on our password list (access to the password list is restricted to Imperial members only).

Accessing resources via Google Scholar

It is possible to link Library Search to Google Scholar.

This will enable you to access the full text of an article through the Library Search link from your search results in Google Scholar. However, if you are off-campus you will need to set up remote access using one of the above methods.

To set it up, go to Settings and choose Library Links. Search for Imperial College London – Find at Imperial. When it has been added, tick the box and Save.

Google Scholar screen image