Mac Installation instructions

Mac installation instructions before 16 July

  • On the desktop click on go then Applications
  • Locate Panopto
  • Drag the Application to the Trash
  • Empty the Trash
  • Log in to the Panopto server
  • Select Download Panopto

Download Panopto

  • Choose the appropriate installer for your operating system

Download installer

  • Locate the installer in your downloads > double click on the .pkg file >follow the instructions to install


Mac installation instructions after 16 July

  • Login to your Panopto personal recorder.
  • If your personal recorder is 5.5 version or older then you will receive a dialog box as seen below.  Click on the Update Now button.
  • Two things will occur after you select the Update Now button.

Record a session

  • The older version of the personal recorder will be uninstalled.
  • A newer version (5.6) will be installed.